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The next ASC meeting will take place on Thursday 1 July at 7:15pm via Zoom.

KZN Area Service Committee


Tradition 9 states “NA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.”

The ASC subcommittees have been created to serve both NA members and the still suffering addict. The subcommittees cover everything from Public Relations and Events to Fellowship Development and Phone Line.

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ASC Chair

The ASC Chair is responsible for conducting committee meetings, preparing the agenda, and various administrative duties. The Chair’s primary tools are the short-form rules of order, a firm hand, a calm spirit, and a clear mind. The Chair can find additional help in books about business meetings, decision-making processes, and volunteer organisations that are often readily available at local bookstores and libraries.

Chair: Allan P.
083 800 1114 |

Vice: Vacant
Please email to apply.


The Literature Subcommittee maintains a stock of NA books and pamphlets that can be purchased by groups at the monthly ASC meeting. This subcommittee may consist of only one or two people. The Literature Chair and Vice are responsible for processing group orders, tracking inventory, and reorders depleted items. The Treasurer serves as cashier for literature sales.

Chair: Brad P.
083 788 09 88 |

Vice: Josh P.
079 033 6885 |

Phone Line

An NA telephone number helps addicts seeking recovery to find us and our non-addict friends to get more information on the NA programme. The Phone Line Subcommittee maintains a telephone information service for Narcotics Anonymous that helps addicts and others in the community find us easily and quickly. Phoneline volunteers often serve as the first point of contact between the community-at-large and the NA Fellowship.

Chair: Peta D.
079 661 0922 |

Vice: Miranda D.
071 184 0975 |

Hospitals + Institutions

The H+I Subcommittee carries the NA message to addicts who often have no other way of hearing it. H+I service is conducted at addiction treatment centres, mental health facilities and prisons. H+I Subcommittee responsibilities sometimes overlap those of the PR Subcommittee. For this reason, we encourage H+I and PR Subcommittees to closely cooperate with one another.

Chair: Zweli F.
071 313 6235 |

Vice: Vacant
Please email to apply.


Activities like conventions, braais and speaker jams provide a sense of community for the local NA Fellowship and produce additional area income. The Events Subcommittee is responsible for planning, budgeting and running these events.

Chair: Brent A.
062 200 8785 |

Vice: Christie A.
082 464 7275 |


The Treasurer receives contributions from the groups, administers the area’s checking account, pays the rent for the committee’s meeting hall, reimburses officers and subcommittee chairs for their budgeted expenses, keeps careful records of all transactions, and reports on the financial condition of ASC at each of its meetings. As the administrator of the area’s unified general fund, the Treasurer is also responsible to prepare an annual budget for ASC.

Chair: Neville M.
083 765 8439 |

Vice: Vacant
Please email to apply.


The ASC Secretary handles all their committees’ paperwork. Their first responsibility is to take minutes of ASC meetings and distribute those minutes to all committee participants. The Secretary should also regularly update a log of area policy actions that have been passed, regarding the activities of ASC admin officers and subcommittees. The Secretary maintains a list of participants’ email addresses.

Chair: Melissa P.
060 703 7391 |

Vice: Tim H..
060 618 7516 |

Public Relations

The PR Subcommittee’s responsibility is to inform addicts and others in the community of the availability of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous. Services provided by PR Subcommittees vary widely from area to area. The simplest kind of PR project is the production and distribution of flyers throughout the community announcing that NA is available and that more information can be had either by calling the local NA phoneline or by attending an NA meeting. PR often conduct public meetings for community members, distribute public service announcements to local radio and television stations, and respond to public media inquiries.

Chair: Stellio C.
084 650 5050 |

Vice: Vacant
Please email to apply.

Fellowship Development

The FD Subcommittee’s goal is to strengthen and grow the NA Fellowship and offer support to new and struggling meetings. In this way, the groups can share their experience with one another, make decisions together regarding questions that affect them all, and combine their strength in reaching out to the community around them.

Chair: Dalisu
063 869 4525 |

Vice: Vacant
Please email to apply.

Meeting List

The Meeting List Chair is responsible for maintaining and distributing an updated schedule of all meetings in an area. Extra attention should be paid to the accuracy of all listings and the usability of the directory’s format.

Chair: Tarryn L.
082 786 4424 |

Vice: Vacant
Please email to apply.

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